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Our LocationElpidio M. Gazmen Compound, Gazmen Road, Tagum City

Tagum City College of Science and Technology, & Inc

Tagum City College of Science and Technology, Inc, Official Website

TCCSTFI Offers various of programs/courses

Tagum City College of Science and Technology, Inc. offers various of programs/courses

Programs Offered


College Programs

Through TCCSTFI's curriculum, students gain knowledge and skills that prepare them for careers as employees and potential leaders.


K TO 12

The TCCSTFI provides well-designed and planned educational classes and activities geared towards preparing students for employment or college.


Tesda Programs

TESDA provides affordable and accessible technical vocational education and training. TESDA programs are designed to equip Filipinos with the skills needed to pursue their careers and improve their lives, and are responsive to the needs of the labor market.

About Us

Tagum City College of Science and Technology Foundation, Inc. (TCCST FI), is a no n-stock non-profit educational foundation with a mission to provide training and education to meet the workforce development needs of the communities it serves by developing the skills which enable students to participate and optimize employment opportunities. It has its humble beginnings as a technical-vocational school and operating under the name Tagum City Institute of Technology in 2007 with a few classrooms in the rented second floor of Pereyras Building, New Public Market, Tagum City and cate ring to some 1 72 students, more or less.

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